RPG Rules And Ratings

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RPG Rules And Ratings

Post by ChinasAllieCat on 12/1/2015, 3:54 pm

Please adhere to one of the listed ratings which must be shown on each rp created.

Be sure to credit any (corporations creators studios i cant remember the word) for the idea you base your rp on unless it is your own idea.

G: Safe for all ages. Cartoon violence permitted. No sexual content. Holding hands or mild kissing the maximum of intimate interactions. No sexual photos or scantly clad characters. No cursing allowed.

Pg: Make-out scenes maximum intimacy allowed. Mild violence. Normal clothes, modest. Any slightly immodest, sexual, or gory pictures or content must be placed in a spoilers box with a proper heading.

PG-13: Sexual situations implied and hinted towards allowed. Graphic details not allowed. strong Violence allowed but no explicit gore. Any pictures or content past that must be approved by the moderator and must be placed in a spoilers box.

R: Explicit gore allowed, sexual content allowed. Photos including nudity must be placed in spoiler boxes with the appropriate heading. Any pornographic images/content or any content which involves child sexual references must be first sent to the administrators and accepted before being posted. These will likely be declined. Comments which are sexual in nature and include children must be presented to admins. If accepted all approved questionable content must be placed in spoiler boxes under the appropriate heading.

If you note any violations please report them.

These rules will be modified shortly.

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